Preston dance class workshops

Preston dancing workshops take place at the main dance studio 38D Holme Slack Lane, Preston, Lancashire PR1 6EY. We also have weekly dancing classes listed on our class timetable for sessions held at our dance school in Preston and other venues in different locations.

Workshops are one-off specialised events for those seeking something new and exciting or for those who want to perfect what they already know in a stimulating and social setting. Each session places greater emphasis on participation and our dynamic teaching style will develop both your self-confidence and ability to reproduce the skills learnt during the session. For those who cannot manage weekly sessions, workshops provide the opportunity to learn both the basics and the more complicated intricacies of dance styles.

Upcoming Preston dance workshops

Sessions are open to a variety of age groups and abilities, from beginner to advanced and new arrivals are warmly greeted in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. All of our highly qualified dance teachers are approachable and open to questions, providing you with greater understanding of the dance style in a stimulating and engaging manner.

To give you a taste of just some of the workshops we offer, are most successful workshops to date include the Argentine Tango and Rock n’ Roll. Also included have been Flamenco, Foxtrot, Swing and Salsa workshops.

We can also hold workshops at a variety of locations to suit your needs. Dancing isn’t exclusively competitive and many people will often book our dance workshops for the educational, fitness and social benefits. Our school, community and corporate workshop events are great ways to stress the importance of being active and developing social skills in a community setting. Likewise, dancing is a powerful means of motivation in the workplace and the team building qualities it provides are essential in promoting co-operation and teamwork. Reeders’ coordinated events are delivered in an exceptionally well thought out way, with individual goals and prerogatives catered to in order to meet the aims of the participants; be that social, competitive or fitness.