Reeders Dance School recently participated in the Ballroom & Latin Pupil Event held at the Wythenshawe Forum on the 19th of November.

Our dance school had a fantastic experience at the Ballroom & Latin dance event. The positive atmosphere, and well-organised structure, made it a memorable competition for both our students and instructors. We look forward to participating in future events that maintain this high standard of organization and commitment to the art of dance.

The variety of dance styles, ranging from Waltz and Cha Cha to Quickstep and Samba, allowed our students to demonstrate their versatility. The inclusion of Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels further challenged our dancers, fostering growth and improvement. These dance competitions are for all ages of children and adults.

We want to acknowledge the commitment each of our dancers showed in preparing for the event. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude not only reflected well on our dance school but also contributed to the vibrant and supportive atmosphere of the competition. Each performance is a stepping stone in your dance journey, and the experience gained from this competition will undoubtedly contribute to your ongoing growth as dancers. We are immensely proud of each one of you and the artistry you brought to the dance floor.

Thank you to the organisers and participants for contributing to a successful and enjoyable dance competition.