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Rock n’ Roll dancing has come from the development of Lindy hop and Swing in the late 40’s and early 50’s. The new Rock n’ Roll music was faster than the previous popular music, so Rock n Roll dancing developed to match. A dance like Lindy hop with many quick steps can be increasingly difficult and tiring for most dancers, if attempted to the faster Rock` n’ Roll music. Rock n’ Roll still contains many elements of Lindy hop, Swing and Charleston. These dances complement each other greatly. It can be an easy transition for dancers to learn one if they have experience of another.

This Rock n’ Roll workshop will primarily be focused around the main style of Rock and Roll that’s danced socially and at parties. Dancing to the sounds of the 1950/1960`s, such as Chuck Berry’s, Little Richard and many more of your favourite artists. There are several different Rock n Roll or Jive dance styles which are performed to the same music. These have varying levels of intensity and difficulty. We occasionally cover some of these as an addition in the workshops, if requested. These workshops don’t cover the French disco dance Ceroc, which is a club dance to modern pop music. This is commonly advertised under many different names such as “LeRoc”, “Modern jive” or “French jive”. This dance is unrelated to Rock`n’ Roll. We teach this dance separately in classes and private lessons.

Rock `n’ Roll music and dancing is still massively popular with hundreds of modern bands often playing this genre around Lancashire and Cumbria. Learning to dance Rock `n’ Roll, or adding some new dance moves, will be of use almost anywhere, from parties, weddings, on your cruise and band gig events.
We frequently host our own Rock `n ‘ Roll dance parties, which include dance classes, in the Kendal area. Use the link below to find out more information.

There is always a fun and friendly atmosphere. A mixture of couples and single dancers attend without partners (leaders and followers). We carefully balance the number of followers and leaders and bring dance assistants to the workshop.  Everyone who attends will have the choice of many people to dance with.

Pre-booking is only available 2 or more days before the event on this website or by contacting a teacher directly. This workshop will have strictly limited spaces due to high demand. Pre-booking will entitle you to a guaranteed place in the workshop with a discount over the pay on door admission.
Please don’t forget to recommend this workshop to your family and friends and Pre-book now! This will ensure you get a discount on the pay on the door price.

Pre-booking online (early bird discount)- £14pp
(Online booking only available 2+ days before event date)
On the door in cash – £18pp

Please carefully select the pre-booking options below:
Fixed couple tickets will mean not changing partners within the session, staying with the same fixed partner
Separate leader or follower tickets will mean dancing and changing partners with others in the session

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  • Reeders Dance Studio
  • 38D Holme Slack Lane
  • Preston
  • Lancashire
  • United Kingdom

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