These videos all have passwords they are accessible for those on the mailing list or facebook group, please contact to join.

The videos released for covid-19 quarantine were originally made in 2019 as a resource for those who had learnt the routines already to recap. For this reason there won’t be as much detail on technique and it might be at a faster pace. I would suggest pausing and replaying the video if the dances are completely new for you.

The routines are not specific to leader/follower or gender, the purpose of the routines is something that everyone can be included with. If you are dancing by yourself there is no leading or following. All of the footwork, styling and timing in all of these videos is the same for both leaders and followers.

“Jailhouse” Solo Dance Routine
This is a Rock n Roll based solo routine, we’ve played at our Rock n Roll parties in Kendal

Cupid Shuffle Solo Dance Routine
A very easy dance can be used as a gateway dance for the “non-dancers” in the household

“Candyman” Jive Solo Dance Routine
A faster more challenging dance

Basic Cha Cha Cha Solo Dance Routine
Basic Cha Cha Cha routine for Beginners

Smooth Cha Cha Solo Dance Routine
An intermediate Cha Cha Cha routine recommended for those already familiar with the dance

Basic Samba Solo Dance Routine

Mambo Solo Dance Routine

“Rock It For Me” Solo Dance Routine

Basic Megengue Solo Dance Routine

“Timestep” Rumba Solo Dance Routine
Intermediate level Rumba routine

Havana Cha Solo Dance Routine