Preston Latin in Line

Preston Latin in Line

Latin in line
Every Tuesday 1:45pm-2:45pm
Suitable for Beginners and new dancers welcome
Reeders Dance Studio, 38D Holme Slack Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 6EY

In this class, we explore solo dancing without the involvement of a partner. The choreography is designed for individual dancers, much like in line dancing, allowing participants to perform without the traditional hold or reliance on a dance partner. There is a deliberate avoidance of specific gender roles, leads, follows, or styling that is exclusive to either a leader or follower. The steps in this class are crafted with the intention of being versatile, accommodating both masculine and feminine styling and footwork. Unlike partner dance classes, the routines here cover a range of styles and may incorporate music genres such as Latin pop. Some dances are choreographed to specific pieces of music, adding an extra layer of creativity and expression.

While these solo dance sessions offer a wonderful opportunity for physical and mental exercise, it’s important to note that they differ from the intensity of aerobics, Zumba, or dance fitness classes. The primary focus here is on developing dance technique in a fun and social environment. It’s an enjoyable way to enhance your dancing skills and stay active while fostering a sense of community.

Fun and friendly environment
Make new friends
Great for physical and mental health
Learn new steps and correct dance technique
Fully qualified dance instructor U.K.A

The class is run as 4-week blocks with full payment to be made upfront. There will not be payments for individual weeks of the 4-week course. Refunds for individual sessions will only occur in the event of a class cancellation. Refund for the entire 4-weeks can be made if none of the sessions have been attended.

The booking date listed below is the starting week for the 4-week block course.

Online booking closes 2 days before the start date. Contact James 07778919689 to see if there are spaces still available. Cash or BACS payment can still be arranged.