Children’s Cheerleading Dance Classes

Children’s Cheerleading Dance Classes

Children’s Cheerleading Dance Classes

Ages 6yrs – 9yrs
6pm – 7pm

Ages 10yrs – 16yrs
6pm – 7:30pm

cheerleading dance show photo

Join dance professionals Sam & Sue for the most popular and latest Cheer dances. Age groups split between the teachers.

Cheerleading is a dance that is commonly related to supporting teams at sporting events.  Use of chants and dance routines is well known for helping motivate team players and presenting to an enthusiastic audience.  Now you can learn the latest routines in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Dancing in groups and individually.

Join us for Cheerleading displays, gradings and competitions. Gradings take place twice a year within the UKA Dance Association. Additional competition training lessons are also available for you. We provide the use of Poms for class work and also Cheer costumes for competitions. Like all our classes we have no term fees just pay on entry. This is a weekly class. New starters will be required to complete a registration form.

Many of our pupils also join the following Street class.