Carnforth Salsa night

Carnforth Salsa night

Classes on break, will restart later in the year

With or without dance partners

Over Kellet Village Hall, Church Bank, Over Kellet, Carnforth LA6 1DT

Every Thursday
7pm-7:45pm Solo dancing, latin line-ups
7:45pm-8:30pm Beginners Salsa class with partner changes
8:30pm Social dancing

Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Kizomba

Dancing with different people
Partner dancing classes and most of our events will involve changing dance partners within the session as this makes the most social and fun experience for the majority of dancers.
However, if you wish to stay with the same dance partner for any of the classes you can by contacting us prior to the session. Contacting us before the day with both your names to discuss is the only way we can accommodate fixed partners and position dancers in the room accordingly.

The Over-kellet salsa night includes two classes are suitable for new dancers, beginners and improvers. There is a separate dance routine is practiced for each session. Both of the sessions are a similar level to encourage dancers to feel confident to stay for both sessions.

The Solo dance class

This class is dancing without partner work. Routines in this class are made for dancers to perform without hold or use of a dance partner, similar to line dancing. No dances in this class will have specific gender roles, leads, follows or styling thats specific to leader or follower. Evening is done with the intention to be suitable for both masculine and feminine styling and footwork. This dance class will cover different styles and music than partner dance work, sometimes using latin pop music and dances specifically choreographed to a certain piece of music.

The partner dance class

This dance class will focus on routine work using dance partners. You do not need a dance partner to join this class, during the session partner changes will be included to create a social and fun environment. Leaders and followers will get the chance to dance with many other dancers in the session which will enhance the learning and improvement of all dancers attending. We expect like many of our other classes the majority of those attend come by themselves, dance leaders and followers.

In the partner dance class we will mostly cover cross-body salsa and occasionally cover other styles of salsa such as cuban salsa, bachata dancing, merengue and cha cha cha. You will be introduced to authentic latin dancing with latin american music, progressing to a level of being able to social dance at our dance socials and events. These sessions are held in an ideal environment to learn to dance, without any pressure and at your own pace. These are enjoyable and encouraging classes, with the benefit of a fully qualified dance teacher to provide detailed instruction and ready to step in to assist at any time.

Social dance

After the classes we will have a couple of hours social dancing for everyone to practice what they have learnt and socialise. The music played will be a majority of popular salsa music with other latin dances included less frequently, bachata, merengue, cha cha cha and kizomba. Dances and songs can be requested at any time during the dance social, please speak with the teacher.
Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided free at the dance social

Admission for sessions on the evening is cash on the door, no course fees apply.

Studies have shown, dancing offers a wider range of benefits than almost any other sport. Dancing is not only a full body exercise but uses memory, coordination, balance, reaction time, special awareness and develops musicality. Take this opportunity to learn a new skill, whilst making new friends because dancing is enjoyed by everyone!