Ballroom Tango workshop May 2022

Ballroom tango is a very unique and highly popular standard ballroom dance and favourite for many people around Preston and Northwest of England. Also known as International Tango, Ballroom Tango is the most used dancing style of Tango around the world, mainly because this style of Tango is enjoyed by all demographics and people of all ages.

Nothing is the same in Ballroom Tango technique as in formation, sequence or other Ballroom dances from the footwork, leg action, body position, posture, floor craft, frame, hold, musicality or leads and follows. Dancing the tango should never feel awkward and uncomfortable like your partner is in the way or needing to be pulled around the dance floor, colliding with the legs, standing on feet or becoming a wrestling match; because applying more force doesn’t make for a better Staccato action.

These workshops will give you a great understanding of how to dance Ballroom Tango. You will learn  the basics to developing more complicated dance amalgamations with the correct methods specific to Ballroom Tango. These workshops will take away any confusion on the dance floor. As a dancer you will enjoy the sensation of how Ballroom Tango should feel when preformed to a higher standard.

The feedback from many of our dancers who attended these Ballroom Tango workshops has been extremely positive, many quoting how it feels like an “eye opener” and they didn’t really enjoy the dance as much previously. Pre-book using the form below or contact us to reserve your place in this Ballroom Tango workshop because this dance session will make a massive difference for all dancers from beginners to advance.

There is always a fun and friendly atmosphere. A mixture of couples and single dancers attend without partners (leaders and followers). We carefully balance the number of followers and leaders and bring dance assistants to the workshop.  Everyone who attends will have the choice of many people to dance with.

Pre-booking is only available 2 or more days before the event on this website or by contacting a teacher directly. This workshop will have strictly limited spaces due to high demand. Pre-booking will entitle you to a guaranteed place in the workshop with a discount over the pay on door admission.
Please don’t forget to recommend this workshop to your family and friends and Pre-book now! This will ensure you get a discount on the pay on the door price.

Pre-booking online (early bird discount)- £12pp
(Online booking only available 2+ days before event date)
On the door in cash – £15pp

Please carefully select the pre-booking options below:
Fixed couple tickets will mean not changing partners within the session, staying with the same fixed partner
Separate leader or follower tickets will mean dancing and changing partners with others in the session

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  • Reeders Dance Studio
  • 38D Holme Slack Lane
  • Preston
  • Lancashire
  • PR1 6EY

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